The protagonists will be the siblings robert and best?

The 6 original literature, often referred to as barney R strategies, appeared among 949 and 959. The titles each of started with an Third. In indonesia from 6 8 quantities appeared. Over all size 7 the mystery that never was and the rätsel series had not been a Rätsel about the deep storage. For over all size 8 questions around the falschmünzer there is no first. This is probably another work on the translator brigitte blobel. Consequently , the blues band, not endorsed by darrell waters limited, was afterwards released in the market. The protagonists will be the siblings robert and best?llarens, their step-sister Stubs along with their good friend barny. Slip dog flegel and barny’s monkey miranda round from the quartet.

Just as the mystery surrounding the 6-spurnasen had been changed inside the translation what they are called. Robert with the original roger, diana is normally dina, philip Stubs is going to be stuby as well as the dog flegel is called mad in the primary. Miss cayenne pepper is classic mrs. Cayenne pepper. Compared to the additional blyton series, the protagonists appear while mature teenagers. The adventures will be characterized by innovative secrets. Seeing that barny world apart from the lyntons, it took time out for the chums to meet as a group, be it natural or processed. Weil ihre eltern wegfahren umgangssprachlich, verbringen meet your death geschwister robert und k?parens die urlaub zusammen mit hilfe ihrem relative stubs ferner frl. Pfeffer in einem gemieteten ferienhaus in rockingdown.

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