The Philadelphia Fusion Have Signed ChipSa

It’s unknown whether the Philadelphia Fusion signed ChipSa as a humorous jab, or if they’re going to use ChipSa in their active roster for matches.  If it’s the latter due to his social media, that bodes poorly for the Overwatch League and e-sports as a whole.  The question of why that is has set Reddit, Twitter, and E-Sports in general ablaze. The Philadelphia Fusion Have Signed ChipSa To Their Roster Overwatch League has hoisted a flag that they’ve called ‘Path to Pro’.  The idea is that those who want to be in Overwatch League start in Open Division, graduate to Overwatch Contenders, and then graduate to Overwatch League.  The system has worked in the past, but it has fallen away in the most recent announcement.


Truth be told, pound for pound, you could throw a dart at a corkboard filled with names of DPS players in Overwatch Contenders and end up with a better pick than ChipSa.  He’s a great streamer and personality, and his social media reflects his ability to entertain.