Julia Roberts Grabs Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

Harriet become launched to highly proper reception recently, and numerous reviews approximately the film’s production cycle have been surfacing considering that then. One of the screenwriters at the assignment has these days found out that juliaroberts became being taken into consideration for the titular role of harriettubman, some thing which has raised some eyebrows due to the context of the scenario. However, ultimately, it’d not be the primary uncommon casting preference the general public has seen from hollywood, no longer by an extended shot. Indeed, the choice changed into met with combined responses internally, as reviews indicate that a number of the executives on the manufacturing had been insistent that people might not understand that there is some thing bizarre with their presentation of the story, due to how long within the past it become.

Gregory allenhoward, who made the revelation about the atypical casting preference, additionally claimed that the movie was some thing many people have been eyeing for quite some time, however they did now not feel that the social weather changed into right. However, after the releases of black panther and 12 years a slave, he says, the situation changed loads, and they now noticed a possible opportunity in liberating a film with one of these history. Howard said: “i used to be told how one studio head said in a assembly, ‘this script is exceptional.

Let’s get juliaroberts to play harriettubman.’ while someone talked about that roberts couldn’t be harriet, the executive responded, ‘it was so long in the past. Nobody is going to understand the difference.’” Julia Roberts Grabs Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons in the long run, cynthiaerivo turned into forged in the function of tubman, and the film has drawn masses of positive responses from a couple of sides. The casting choice seems to had been a a hit one, even though some have also wondered how the movie might have been approached otherwise. One individual had this response: “see how racist narcissist prepared to erase a effective part of black history as they have completed within the beyond, stay seeking to make the kings and queens and pharaohs and goddesses of egypt and africa white in the films we have to educate our youngsters.”


any other commenter shared: “optimistically julia is smart sufficient to realize hogwash while she hears it from flow executives … i think julia is a satisfactory actress in her very own right… but she is in no manner a fit for the position of harriettubman… viola davis, possibly… however julia? Nope.”


this follower discovered: “we all will realize the difference…smh! This is loopy as hell. They have got plenty of black actresses that may play her. Julia roberts does now not, and that i repeat it does not suit that category period. How u gonna have a white girl playing a slave duration.”