Bungie Is Not Focusing On Destiny 3

A recent interview with Bungie’s director of communications, David Dague, claimed that Destiny 2 is the studio’s main goal for the foreseeable future. The studio has long been silent on any news regarding Destiny 3, and if this is true, then the wait will be longer than originally planned for the sequel.

It’s not bad at all because the studio has in mind “cool stuff” for the game. Destiny 2 is their first title since the separation from Activision, and they plan to make it last as long as possible, solidifying the sequel in the best possible game. Bungie Is Not Focusing On Destiny 3, Instead They Are Working On Creating New Content For Destiny 2 In this interview, Dague also admitted that he was not a fan of the Hunter Guardians because their capes and knives were easily ridiculed.

David Dague said: “I have no good announcements to make on the next bold moves we will make in the franchise. Right now, our commitment and attention is to make the seasons of the next year interesting and to maintain a lasting narrative arc that will keep players engaged. ”

Destiny 2 fans will be delighted to hear this news as it means more content for their game. Unfortunately, it also means that those who are impatiently waiting for the Bungie sequel will have to wait a little longer. Although the studios have designs and are working on the title, it will take a little more time before fans can see the rest of the game.